2016-2017 President
        Robin L. Mitchell
     Village of Camden

   Acceptance Speech

      60th Annual Meeting
              Saratoga Springs, New York September 15, 2016

Good Afternoon and Welcome,
 It is with honor that I stand before you today as your next president.  I have attended this conference for many years and I would like to take this moment to acknowledge and thank the staff at OSC and NYCOM for hosting this event and providing us with the ability to refine our skills and enhance our knowledge in this ever-changing field of public service.  I truly appreciate all of the hard work that you put in this conference to make it happen.

I want you to realize our Board members represent the very best of our profession.  They always make time to share their vast wisdom, expertise and know-how to this society in order for us to surpass our goals and objectives.  I admire each of you.  I am truly grateful to work along side of you.  And I thank you for giving me this great opportunity to lead this society for the next year.

When I started my career as Treasurer it became clear that the position was much more than just learning some accounting principles.  Because I am from a small community my residents expected me to be their friend, counselor, advocate and Treasurer.  As a young person, it was very overwhelming to wear all of those hats to the entire Village. Luckily, I attended my first few conferences and forged many professional relationships with the finance officers from this society. I quickly learned we faced similar challenges.  Over the years, we have shared many ideas and solutions to help one another.  In acquiring this knowledge, it gave me the confidence to carry out my duties with pride.  In addition, to gaining the professional relationship I have had the good fortune to call these people my friends.

Whether you are new to your job or whether you have been in your position
 for many years, I as president would like to help you develop your own personal network of fellow finance officers that will help empower you to do the very best for your communities.  Because in the end we are stronger together. So look to this Board as members of your network and should you ever need assistance seek  our guidance and expertise, we are all willing to mentor all fellow finance officers.

Thank you.