2018-2019 President Jennifer Kraft's Speech at the NYCOM Fall Training School

Good afternoon and thank you for attending the Finance Officers’ luncheon and annual meeting.  I realize that when I am through the prize give a way will begin so I will be brief. 
Each year I attend FTS I leave feeling bolstered and ready to continue successfully in my job.  I personally could not do my job without the support and guidance from Peter Baynes and the NYCOM staff, Andy Sanfillipo  and Tom Plowinske and the staff of OSC, my fellow Finance Officers and the Clerks Association.  I thank each of you – you are invaluable assets, you help us all to be successful.
There is a quote “No one achieves great success by simply doing what is required of them.”  Attending FTS is not a requirement, but it certainly helps each of us to be successful.  Attendance here is a commitment of time, resources and energy.  Not to mention the mound of work you will have when you return to your offices.  You have all gone the extra mile by simply being here.  Today I ask you to challenge our organizations to go the extra mile with you.  We all have questions, ask.  If you have a proposal for change or an initiative that you need help in getting started, ask; if there is some aspect of your job you don’t understand, ask.   If you have ideas for the Finance Officers, make the suggestion.  We are all here for each other, let’s go the extra mile together and share in each other’s successes. 
In closing, this FTS has been another success for me, I hope for all of you as well.  Thank you.